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New Polish stadium installed with Community

David Davies 13 September 2011
New Polish stadium installed with Community

Home to Polish Ekstraklasa league club, Gliwicki Klub Sportowy Piast Gliwice’s new 10,000-seat stadium is built on the site of the old stadium and incorporates a sound system designed and installed by Tommex Zebrowscy.

“To provide the highest intelligibility, optimum coverage and all-weather reliability, the main system is based around Community R-Series loudspeakers,” said Marcin Zimny of Tommex.

For the arena Tommex specified 32 Community R.5-66TZs, 28 Community R.5SUB-Ts and two Community R1-94Zs.

“Thorough modelling was carried out in advance to ensure we would meet the specifications,” continued Zimny. “And, as always, we knew we could rely on the Community loudspeakers to exceed specification”.

Community’s new D4 and D5 Distributed Design Series ceiling loudspeakers are used for the indoor public areas, including the entrance zones, warm-up rooms and VIP lodges. Community I/O5s were deployed where the loudspeakers needed to be wall-mounted.

The loudspeakers are powered by Dynacord DSA multi-channel amplifiers, equipped with RCM 810 modules, and the sound reinforcement has its own automatic power amplifier exchange system. It has an announcement function prepared for fire service and police purposes and, in case of emergency, this function has full priority over the commercial sound reinforcement function.

The stadium management required combined pro sound and evacuation systems, and a key element of the solution is the Dynacord P64 Audio Matrix Manager, a modular, network-capable and freely configurable audio system controller. The P64 allows the audio network to be configured and controlled via Ethernet and IRIS-Net software, enabling the stadium to independently address the needs of the grandstands, stadium interiors, VIP boxes, dressing rooms and entrance area.

“We are very pleased with the system,” said Zimny. “It is a very flexible system that delivers the sound quality required by a prestigious stadium of this status.”

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