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New PA/VA system from Ateis

Jo Ruddock 22 September 2010
New PA/VA system from Ateis

The IDA8 combines digital audio signal processing, matrix control, message play-out and microphone capability.

The IDA8 is based on the earlier IDA4, but with extended DSP memory and communications capability, is technologically more advance and easier to use than its predecessor. Acting as the central controller, the IDA4 had to be connected to a network and a loudspeaker line-monitoring device.

The new version combines all three functions into a single unit incorporating eight analogue audio inputs and outputs plus eight alarm control inputs and eight output relays, which can be programmed according to priority and user requirements. The master unit is set up from a PC but this can be subsequently disconnected, allowing the IDA8 to run independently. IDA8 slave units can be added to expand the system; master and slave units each offer up to four hours of WAV-format audio plus the option of uploading message files using Ethernet link.

IDA8 can run on Ateis-Net networking technology, creating either a local network, (handling up to 256 priorities for a maximum of 256 zones) – or a global network (connecting up to 32 master units covering 32 x 256 zones).


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