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New mixer from IC Audio

Jo Ruddock 25 May 2011
New mixer from IC Audio

The MT-AMP 1000 is designed to be easy to expand from six zones up to a maximum of 54 using MT-EXP 1000 expansion units (up to four can be connected).

The mixer provides inputs for six microphones via XLR sockets and includes level control and EQ for each. It can be connected and be operated in four different priority modes; if announcements in speaker zones are required, these can be made using ICA’s MT-PM-01 and MT-PM-06 call stations and MT-PM- K12 keypad. The built-in amplifier delivers 240W output but power can be increased by connecting an external amplifier to the MT-AMP 1000 (or to each of the MT-EXP 1000 expanders).

The MT-AMP 1000 can be equipped with the plug-in MT-CDT-USB module which combines CD/MP3-player, SD card reader, USB input and tuner. 

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