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New Lutron app gives more control

Andy Stout 6 February 2011
New Lutron app gives more control

New from Lutron for ISE was what the company called its iPad app for HomeWorks (though in reality it is, of course, available for the iPod and iPhone as well).

The new app – which is currently available free of charge – allows homeowners to edit lighting scenes in a way they were previously not able to do: even relatively small changes required the intervention of the installer.

“This is something our dealers have been asking for for a long time,” said Lutron sales director John Niebel. “It allows users to modify their installation – but ensures they can’t break it. The app augments the functionality of a control panel – it doesn’t replace it. Feedback so far has been extremely positive.” According to Niebel, an Android version of the app is ‘in the works’.

Asked whether this provided a competitive differentiator for Lutron, Niebel was clear. “No,” he said. “Resellers will continue to sell, and end users will continue to buy, Lutron solutions because they work – Lutron has an unparalleled reputation for reliability, which is backed up by our eight year warranty. This new app is something that our channel and their customers wanted – which is why we’ve made it available.”

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