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New Lighting Control Engine (LCE) from e:cue

Jo Ruddock 15 July 2010

The high-performance lighting control server combines the interactivity of the previous Media Engine 2 and the performance of the Lighting Control Server (LCS).

Designed to control "large and complex" projects, the LCE incorporates the new e:cue Lighting Application Suite 5.2. With the ability to output DMX/RDM, e:net and other protocols such as Art-Net and KiNET it has the capacity to integrate a range of AV, external trigger and other devices and content. It also includes a built-in touchscreen monitor offering user control and monitoring.

The LCE can be mounted in a 19in rack and controls up to 65,536 DMX channels. In addition to directly outputting DMX, e:net and Art-Net/KiNET, the LCE can also communicate via RDM using the Butler XT as an interface.

The design integrates various technologies and devices for triggering and external control via RS-232, DMX, MIDI, Ethernet (UDP), SMPTE Timecode and digital dry contact inputs.

The touchscreen monitor can be used for customised GUIs (including pictures, buttons and faders with various colours, shapes and patterns) and for monitoring lighting installation parameters.

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