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New LED sales and solution company launched

test 5 January 2010

Belgium-based XL-Technologies has “grown out of the XL Video Group’s expertise”. The new, independent company will provide innovative solutions for anyone interested in utilising LED technologies for their installations, displays, shows and events.

In addition to its chief location in Ostend, Belgium, XL-Technologies will also work out of offices in New York, Miami, Atlanta, London, Hamburg and Paris.

All major and currently specified LED brands will be available through XL Technologies, which is not tied to any specific range or brand. The company says that it has the flexibility to offer standard LED solutions from the wide product range, as well as ‘secondhand’ sales from large projects and entirely new custom solutions tailored specifically for a given application.

“It is great to develop our work further backed by XL Video’s knowledge, which allows us to focus on customer needs by being independent with product choice,” said Koen Bossuyt, who is heading up XL-Technologies. “We can supply a dynamic range going from quality secondhand material to all the big brands.”

Recent projects for XL-Technologies include the ‘Light of the Angels’ Christmas tree in Los Angeles (pictured) and a showroom at Mercedes Benz in Berlin.

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