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New Kid in town

Ian McMurray 18 April 2011
New Kid in town

Following the successful launch of new fixtures at this year’s Prolight + Sound, ETC has introduced another new control desk: Congo Kid.

Designed to offer Congo software to small and budget-conscious venues with conventionals, LEDs, moving lights and media servers, Congo Kid provides the same controls as a Congo jr, while also supporting up to two external displays.

Where it differs from Congo jr is that it has a maximum count of 512 control channels, and up to 1,024 outputs on two universes of DMX. It also doesn’t allow the connection of external fader wings or modules.

As with any other Congo system, the 40 built-in Master Playback faders can be used for control of channels, groups, presets, sequences, effects, palettes, channel layouts, console key functions and parameter controls. And, as with any other Congo system, Congo Kid supports 999 master pages, provides paging tools and channels-only mode via softkeys.

Show files from other Congo desks are fully compatible with Congo Kid, as are the RFR, cRRFU and iRFR for iOS. The Congo family of desks is designed for theatre, TV, club, concert and special event lighting.

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