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New intelligent dimmer from Lutron

Ian McMurray 30 June 2010
New intelligent dimmer from Lutron

The Rania eco-minder is oriented towards those looking to save energy in their homes or smaller-sized offices. The new launch retains the key design elements of the Rania digital dimmer, with three touch buttons and seven LEDs to display light levels, but adds the ability to indicate a 15% energy saving threshold by the transition of LED colour from red to green.

Explaining the addition, Lutron notes that by saving a minimum of 15% energy, bulb life can be extended to up to three years.

Andrew Bechgaard, senior marketing manager at Lutron, commented: "Ideal for residential applications and small offices, the Rania eco-minder is designed to help end-users understand how much energy they can save. It also clearly shows them when they are saving energy and helps them educate others to save energy as well."

Designed to replace existing standard switches, the Rania eco-minder is now available to order through electrical distributors and lighting showrooms across the UK.

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