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New frontiers – CEDIA takes training to South Africa

test 9 February 2007

CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) is pushing more new boundaries with its education programme, following recent seminar sessions in South Africa led by CEDIA education manager, Peter Aylett (pictured).


Peter visited South Africa in December where he delivered the training and exam for Installer level one to 40 people at the Kopanong conference centre near Johannesburg. The CEDIA Professional Certification programme delivers a range of benefits to individuals, consumers and manufacturers, by establishing clear, objective standards for the required skills and knowledge of electronics system designers and installers. Through CEDIA Certification, designers and installers will be recognised as the most qualified contractors to perform design and installation of home electronic systems.


A further 18 people sat the CEDIA Certified Instructor (CCI) training. The intensive one-day course identified the requirements and role of a CCI and focused delegates on the key learning and presentation techniques needed to deliver effective courses in theory and through a series of practical activities and demonstrations. A CCI is a presenter with the ability to deliver CEDIA training courses to a prescribed standard. All CCI’s will be actively involved in the CEDIA education programme, devising and presenting courses in collaboration with other CCI’s and the CEDIA education team.


"This was our first foray into training in South Africa and we are delighted with its popularity" says Peter. "Congratulations to the 75% of delegates who passed the Installer level one exam and all those who attended the CCI training."


The event would not have been possible without the help and support of two CEDIA members in South Africa – Darren Salkow from Electronic Architects and Eugene Oosthuizen at HFX Systems.

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