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New energy savers deliver electricity bill reductions

David Davies 16 November 2010
New energy savers deliver electricity bill reductions

According to Crystal Acoustics, the company’s new line of single- and multi-socket Energy Savers can help consumers save up to 30% on their electricity bills by significantly reducing energy consumption.

With either one or five sockets, the Energy Savers are said to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 200kg per year through overriding the standby function on an electronic device and turning it off. The infrared signal receiver means that the user can simply press any button on the remote control to power the device back up.

The new Energy Savers are enabled by a Load Learning function, which advises of the connected devices’ standby power level.

In addition, the multi-socket products all feature a single ‘always on’ socket for connecting devices which must always remain powered up.

The current Crystal Acoustics Energy Saver series comprises: the CES-1R single socket design (pictured) which automatically detects when the connected device goes into standby, turning it off; the CES-1R-LL UK Remote Controlled Energy Saver, single socket design with Load Learning and possible identification of standby load for multiple devices, eg. connected via a three-way plug; and CES-5F Energy Saver with Foot Switch. Featuring four controlled sockets, with one ‘always on’ socket. Further models will be added soon.

Vassilis Valimits, technical specialist at Crystal Acoustics, told IE Residential: "Nowadays, consumers seek various ways of reducing their monthly electricity fees, while protecting the environment at the same time. This increase of environmental awareness and energy-saving, has led us in the creation of pioneering products.

"Crystal Acoustics has designed a revolutionary lineup of Energy Savers, suitable for each and every consumer need. By learning the standby consumption of any connected electronic device, Crystal Acoustics Energy Savers are capable of automatically shutting down any appliance, thus reducing a typical domestic electricity bill, up to 30%.

"In order to suit the consumer’s preference and offer custom application solutions, the Energy Savers models range from single-socket to multi-socket, including the option of an ‘Always-ON’ plug. Adding to the overall functionality, there are Infrared Receiver ON/OFF switch (through IR command learning), under-the-table switch and foot switch models to choose from.

"Offering the outmost in ease of use and installation, Crystal Acoustics’ Energy Savers stand as the most affordable and effective way of saving energy and, at the same time, protecting the environment by significantly reducing the emission of CO2."

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