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New divisional approach for Vicoustic

Paddy Baker 22 March 2010
New divisional approach for Vicoustic

Portuguese acoustic solutions manufacturer Vicoustic has announced the creation of three separate business divisions: Music & Broadcast, Hi-Fi & Home Cinema and Industrial. The changes are set to allow Vicoustic – which produces an extensive range of wood (a recent Wave Wood studio installation is pictured), foam and fabric-covered acoustic solutions – to develop products focused more specifically on the different requirements of each market sector.

Highlighting the growing demand from the home cinema market and construction industry, Vicoustic CEO Cesar Carapinha commented: "These new departures require more specialised support, and even the development of more specialised acoustic solutions. So by splitting the company into separate divisions we can target our product development and sales more effectively."

Vicoustic has also appointed Luis Teixeira as international sales manager and announced a review of its distribution network. In several territories, additional specialist distributors are being appointed to support industrial and home cinema/interior design customers, with many existing distributors continuing to focus on the Music & Broadcast area.

Looking to the future, Carapinha told IE: "Now that we have developed a wide range of acoustic products for the studio and home cinema market, we have decided to concentrate our efforts during 2010 on developing new products for industrial use. We are initially focusing on solutions for hotels and education establishments, but workplace noise reduction is another important area for us. In our research and development we look forward to the challenges of this new specialist market."

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