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New digital matrix-mixer from RCF

James McGrath 17 December 2012
New digital matrix-mixer from RCF

Italian manufacturer RCF is launching the AX 8042 digital matrix-mixer and automixer at ISE 2013.

Designed for install sound and commercial audio applications, RCF claims that the AX 8042 offers the most flexibility and control ever in any single 1U device.

Based on a powerful DSP platform using advanced electronics, it contains eight universal mic/line inputs with selectable 48V phantom power on detachable Euroblock connectors (four of which are also on RCA plugs) and six outputs. Four of the outputs are balanced on detachable Euroblock terminals and are included in the audio matrix, while the remaining two are available as RCA plugs and can be separately processed and combined to any of the previous four.

A number of audio parameters can be set, such as parametric equalisation, gates, compressors, limiters, delays, ducking, and automatic level and gain control; and two virtual units with four inputs and three outputs each can be created within the AX 8042 for simple room-combining applications. If required, each section can also work with its own programmed auto-mixing facility.

The AX 8042 can receive ten logic inputs and send six logic outputs, two of which are supported by relay. Both logic inputs and outputs are available on detachable Euroblock terminals and are configurable together with other parameters using the control software.

A maximum of eight TS 9918 remotes can be connected to the AX 8042, all individually programmable. Two AX 8042s can be linked to create a 16-input/12-output matrix via the RJ45 in/out digital ports on the rear panel, while a slot on the rear panel allows integration of an RCF RD-NET module to enable control of RD-NET networking devices.

Stand: 7-K210, 7-H230

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