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New connectivity package from Altinex

Jo Ruddock 16 August 2010
New connectivity package from Altinex

The SP300-100 provides a single AV, data and power access point plus additional support for VGA and HDMI computer sources which can be output to the display device as a VGA image with audio follow.

These capabilities make the SP300-100 suitable for integrating a combination of analogue and digital equipment into a versatile AV system for use in a presentation facility when the computer’s output type is unknown or varies.

The TNP128 Tilt ‘N Plug Jr provides the connectivity for analogue picture and sound when patching a notebook computer (VGA plus Audio Out) into a presentation system, for example, or HDMI on newer machines. Similarly, the RJ-45 port provides access to data on a corporate network.

Working in the background, the VP500-100 receives the HDMI signal from the TNP128 and converts the audio and video feeds before passing them on to the MX2106AV auto-switcher – the third link in the set-up which outputs analogue audio and video signals to the audio system and projector/video display.

Altinex also makes the customisable TNP128C Tilt ‘N Plug Jr interconnect box which facilitates over 27 different Keystone snap-in options in lieu of the Ethernet port.

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