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New central controller from Systemline

David Davies 6 January 2011
New central controller from Systemline

Systemline – which is a brand of Armour Home – has introduced a new advanced central controller known as S6.2.

The new product is designed to provide the heart of a modern multi-room system. For larger projects, two S6.2 units can be used in tandem, allowing up to 16 zones (rooms) to be supported. A new Ethernet socket enables the two units to communicate with each other, meaning that a touch-screen keypad located in a room and connected to one S6.2 can control a device connected to the second S6.2.

Consequently, a maximum of six audio/video sources can be distributed to (and controlled from) up to 16 independent rooms. In addition, each of the 16 rooms can also have a ‘local’ source, for example an iPod or smartphone containing personal playlists.

A range of leading video matrix switches, including HDMI, can be plugged into the S6.2, allowing simultaneous switching of audio and video signals into each room. Other systems such as Nevo, KNX or Lutron can now turn a room on, select a source and alter the volume using the RS232 control socket.

Paul Hilditch, product manager responsible for Systemline, commented: “The new S6.2 builds on the success of Systemline’s previous model, the S6, a market leader for the past three years.”

Systemline is supplying a range of matching keypads and touch screens, while a dedicated training course has also been developed to support the new controller amongst the installer community.

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