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New 7,000-lumen ProScene projector from Optoma

Paddy Baker 3 May 2013
New 7,000-lumen ProScene projector from Optoma

Optoma has launched the EH7700 WUXGA projector. This is the latest model in the ProScene range, which is designed for demanding professional applications requiring very high brightness and advanced features.

The dual-lamp, 7,000-lumen EH7700 can be installed at any angle over a full 360° range of the vertical axis, even enabling reproduction on ceilings and floors. The dust-sealed, filter-free design means that maintenance is minimal.

The projector includes motorised lens shift, focus and zoom. Like its fellow ProScene model, the EH7500, the EH7700 has five spherical lens options that use the latest Low Dispersion glass, which is said to ensure optimum sharpness and focus uniformity over the entire image, with extremely low colour flare and chromatic aberration.

Image quality and brightness can be tailored to the requirements of the application by means of two interchangeable colour wheel options. The standard colour wheel maximises brightness while ensuring good colour reproduction, whereas the enhanced colour option maximises colour performance and accuracy. The colour wheels can be fitted or exchanged on site without removing the projector cover.

The EH7700 includes a mechanical shutter in addition to the standard AV-Mute function for when a complete blackout is required in theatre and stage events. For further flexibility, Optoma has included wired remote-in, via a standard 3.5mm jack. The remote has been redesigned to make it simpler to use while retaining all of its functions.

The EH7700 is fully compatible with the Optoma blending/ warping/ scaling products developed with market leader Calibre.

Two new features help with multi-projector installations. Brightness Matching uses a range of eight lamp power steps for precise adjustment so that multiple units can be perfectly matched. Secondly, the EH7700 has a powerful 3-axis colour matching system, enabling the colour co-ordinates of primary (red/green/blue), secondary (cyan/magenta/yellow) and white to be adjusted independently.

Optoma says that the EH7700 is ideal applications including boardrooms, auditoriums, live events and houses of worship. It is available in white or black as standard, or can be customised in any colour from the RAL colour space system.

In addition to the Crestron RoomView networking features of all ProScene models, Optoma has added PJ-Link, Extron IP-Link, AMX Dynamic Device discovery and Telnet support, allowing the EH7700 to be controlled by over LAN by leading control systems.

Optoma provided dedicated support and service teams to advise partners on any aspect of the installation, integration or maintenance of any ProScene product – from initial design brief and planning, through to installation and commissioning and beyond. Certified partners have access to an extensive network of service centres across Europe.

Justin Halls, head of product management, commented: “Optoma has listened to the market to understand what is required for the new EH7700 projector. Clearly, our projectors must be of the very highest build quality, reliability and installation flexibility, but perhaps even more critical is that the service and support we provide must be second to none.”

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