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Netherlands house shows passion for home automation

test 2 September 2009

Netherlands-based installer MR Domotica triumphed in one of the most hotly contested categories at this year’s CEDIA Awards when it won the title of Best Integrated Home from £100,000 – £250,000 for its diligent integration of home systems as part of a project dubbed ‘Passion for Home Automation’.


Completed as part of the renovation of a private residence, MR Domotica certainly pulled out all the stops for this impressive install; anything that could be automated, has been. As you would expect, the property boasts a complete multi-room audio system which distributes no fewer than 18 sources out to 24 zones. Although storage is central, all music sources operate locally, both inside and outside, thanks to the all-encompassing Crestron control system.


A combination of Crestron Adagio (Adanto in the UK) and a 18×18 stereo matrix from AMX autopatch has been used. This completely digital, DSP-controllable mixer has the advantage of being able to match each output with a 10-band EQ. Control of the Adagio system is provided by APAD wallmount LCD controllers, while integrated Sound Advance speakers give a high-quality sound which is, in turn, broadcast around the entire house to a variety of speakers.

The property boasts not one but two 5.1 Dolby set-ups; one in the bedroom, thanks to a Rotel RSX 5×100 watt, and one in the TV room with a Rotel processor and separate 5×200 watt. Elsewhere, amplification is provided by RB and RKB series multi-channel Rotel amplifiers with capacities of 40 to 100 watt per channel.


All audio sources, including the TVs, are relayed through a range of invisible and visible built-in speakers. B&W CWM 650 and LCR 8 speakers in the bedroom and TV room guarantee a movie theatre experience, while XT free-standing speakers have been used to deliver surround sound in the living room and TV room, combining cutting-edge design and high audio quality.


The comprehensive audiovisual provision is further enhanced by a Kaleidescape entertainment server and Apple TV, used in combination with a Mac mini. A centrally installed HD receiver ensures that a digital signal is relayed to the various televisions installed throughout the property, whether that be the 60in in-wall plasma in the TV room, the Pioneer LCD TVs or the Magic Mirror TVs in the bathrooms.


The property boasts a Lutron Homeworks lighting system, consisting of four system cabinets, with a maximum of four circuits of eight dimmers assembled within each. The Lutron system works with its own processor which is connected to the system via LAN. Two-way connection with the Crestron CP2E processor in the main rack has also been achieved, delivering total integration. Satin nickel Seetouch interfaces were chosen for their design and functionality whilst a G-rail system allows for the electronic operation of no fewer than 29 curtains, as well as providing screens for privacy and blackout in the sun lounge adjacent to the kitchen.


Air-conditioning is provided by Mitsubishi and heating by a weather-dependent Senvax system. Precision control is achieved via the Crestron system, ensuring that substantial savings in energy consumption can be made. Finally, the ventilation system is comprised of a speed-controlled motor with heat recovery.


All touchpanels in the house, including five TPS2000s and a TPMC 8, are connected to a Crestron audio matrix. Interfaces at the front door and at the access gate work to deliver full intercom, effective not only externally, as is customary, but also internally to allow occupants to call each other.


Security cameras have been positioned discreetly throughout the property, there is even a camera in the letterbox – pushing a button on the Crestron touchpanel is enough to decide whether a trip to the letterbox is worthwhile!


Finally, the home systems even communicate with the owner’s Porsche 911 to guarantee a warm reception when the car approaches the house. How’s that for a welcome home?

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