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Neets shows range, debuts Zulu

test 2 February 2010
Neets shows range, debuts Zulu

ISE 2010 is providing a showcase for Neets Control – Zulu, the strikingly named new control system from Danish manufacturer Neets.

Features of Neets Control – Zulu include a user-defined control interface; built-in screen control with four relays; and the ability to choose between RS-232 or IR output.

Moreover, if one system’s features are not enough, it is possible to connect multiple Zulus. In the near future, users will be able to connect up to five Zulus, with this number set to increase at a later date.

Neets is also exhibiting an environmentally friendly power control that helps users to save on standby power. The Neets power control is a small 1-relay box with the ability to cut power from projectors, amplifiers, DVD players and other AV equipment when the devices are not in use.

Finally, an improved USB Switch is also on display. The new USB 2.0-compliant USB Switch offers manual switch as with its predecessor, but also offers the option to switch to priority mode. In addition, when using an external power supply, the new USB Switch delivers 5V to the unit.

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