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Neets in control with AIFa

Jo Ruddock 31 December 2011
Neets in control with AIFa

Control-AlFa is designed for use with an Apple iOS or Android touch device or by computers with Safari or Chrome browsers. Users can create custom-designed graphical user interfaces through Neets’ Project Editor software. The system provides control of the connected devices through RS-232 and IR with dedicated I/O and integration of the touch device making off-site control possible via LAN. 

LEDs are included to indicate system power, status of built-in relay boxes and activity on the communication ports. All the LEDs are visible from the front and easy access is provided for connecting wires and cables at the rear of the unit which is housed in a standard 19in rackmount cabinet.

Dedicated connectors – including the Cliffcon ‘Screen Mode’ Connector – for the relays and four relay test buttons on the rear panel are said to make installation and service of the Control-AlFa easy and intuitive. 

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