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Nanolumens display in flight museum refurb

Paddy Baker 24 June 2014
Nanolumens display in flight museum refurb

A custom-designed 181in 5mm pixel pitch NanoSlim display has been installed at the entrance of the newly renovated Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. Museum visitors can explore aviation history, celebrate the story and people of Delta Airlines, and discover the future of flight.

“When renovating the museum, the client wanted to incorporate the latest display technology to engage their visitors and galvanise their attention,” said Nate Remmes, NanoLumens’ director of business development. “The newly expanded and enhanced museum plans to post a great deal of information on the display that greets their visitors, so they wanted to make sure that visitors will stop and absorb this information before proceeding with their visit. The NanoSlim display is so visually stunning it will do that better than any other solution out there.”

The idea for the Delta Flight Museum took off in 1990 when airline retirees launched an effort to locate one of Delta’s first 1940’s Douglas DC-3 aircraft. This search, with the consolidation of the Delta Archives, created a groundswell of support that expanded into a museum. Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum, today known as Delta Flight Museum, was incorporated on 23 May 1995. The Museum is located on the campus of Delta’s World Headquarters, in Historic Hangars One and Two.

NanoLumens displays are extremely slim, ultra-lightweight, energy efficient, and feature a bright, seamless, high-resolution picture quality that can be viewed from any angle throughout the display horizon without colour shift or image distortion. All displays are  made from 50% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. All NanoLumens displays accept input from nearly any device or content management system.


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