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NAD launches “cutting-edge” Blu-ray player

test 24 February 2010

The WiFi-equipped T577 (pictured) is designed to enhance home cinemas with BD Live web access, 1080p resolution, Deep Colour and fast loading. The new product, says NAD Electronics, “expands the horizons of home cinema fans” by increasing the number of viewing options to encompass the internet and home network audio and video streaming.

The extensive specification of the T577 includes: support for the latest Blu-ray Discs; compatibility with existing CD and DVD collections; BD-Live (Profile 2.0) for real-time connection to movie studios for more information and material on releases; 1080p/24 fps video resolution; Deep Colour; xvYCC extended colour space; Instant Open; fast loading; and last scene memory features.

Certified by the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), the T577 offers extensive wired and wireless options for integration into the networked home and easy compatibility with an array of other DLNA Certified components.

The new player also provides onboard decoding for the latest lossless high bit-rate music formats from Dolby, including TruHD and DTS MA 7.1, as well as 7.1 analogue outputs. As a result, any AV receiver with a 5.1 or 7.1 input can reproduce the latest HD audio formats.

NAD media relations partner Andy Giles told IE Residential: “NAD, once the epitome of sonically superior affordable stereo products, is moving into custom installation in a big way, assisted enormously by the relationship now in place with UK distributor Armour Home. Models like the T577 go one step further to increase the installed home entertainment experience by offering the ability to integrate seamlessly with your home network to stream your favourite movies, shows and videos with the convenience of WiFi or Ethernet connection.

Using a T577 with NAD’s new range of upgradeable AV receivers incorporating Modular Design Construction and partnered with Armour’s Systemline Modular multi-room entertainment system, the custom installer can offer genuinely outstanding quality. It’s this integration with Armour Home’s proven CI credentials that is helping NAD to become a new force in the home installation market.”

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