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Music in Colour by HECO

Andrew Brister 9 March 2011
Music in Colour by HECO

HECO launches a range of compact speakers designed to be used on bookcases, shelves and walls without suffering from surface reflections. The units come in high gloss black, white, red or wenge.

Many music enthusiasts prefer compact speakers for aesthetic reasons. However, the majority of small speakers are designed to be used in free space within the room. When set up near to a rear wall, on shelves or sideboards, clarity can be reduced compromising the acoustic effect being recreated and often with added less desirable room effects. These results are due to changes in the dispersion characteristics of a speaker system when used in a variety of different locations. Reflections from the edges and sides of nearby furniture can subdue or even boost parts of the speaker’s frequency response.

HECO have researched and develop a product range that can exterminate these undesirable effects, creating the ultimate audio experience..The Music in Colour range is a two-way design bookshelf speaker, rated at 70/120 watts, 4 – 8 ohms.

The 89 dB units are available in high gloss black, high gloss white, high gloss red, high gloss wenge (tropical timber) and measure 150 x 235 x 200 mm.

HECO is distributed in the UK by Soundthinking AV.

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