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Multiple HoW installs for E-V

David Davies 1 November 2010
Multiple HoW installs for E-V

Pyxis Industries has designed and installed sound systems featuring Electro-Voice equipment at two sites run by North Coast Church.

For the church’s two new venues – North Coast Church and The Edge – Pyxis Industries owner Chad Costanzo and systems engineer Alan DiCato pulled together an EV-centric specification in just three weeks.

“EV has such a broad line of different boxes that we were able to choose something that fit the application and the price point really well,” said DiCato.

With insufficient ceiling height ruling out a line array system, Costanzo and DiCato opted for ‘exploded array’ clusters from Electro-Voice Xi-series, which brings tour sound technology to the installation market. While the rooms are physically dissimilar, the clusters are identical apart from the angles of the speakers.

Specifically, the clusters combine full-range Xi-1153A/64F three-way, 15-inch, medium-throw loudspeakers and Xi-122MHA/64F ultra-compact, high-output, two-way loudspeakers. The 1153s are used for longer-throw coverage of the main seating area, while the 1122s handle front fill and down fill. The low end for both systems is augmented by three dual-18 Xsubs in concrete bunkers below the stage, while stage monitoring is handled by four TX1122 FM stage wedges at each venue.

Power is provided by Electro-Voice CPS series amplifiers, whole system control is provided by an Electro-Voice NetMax N8000-1500. Optional digital I/O cards allow Pyxis to bring in 96 kHz/24-bit AES EBU digital audio directly from the digital console without any conversion

Describing NetMax as “an incredible tool”, DiCato noted: “We can even pull the NetMax interface up on a Midas console display. So the EV gear works seamlessly with the other products we use, and we had no issue at all with interfacing or compatibility. It was just great to have everything work so well right out of the box.”

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