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Moving solutions from Future Automation

James McGrath 26 January 2012
Moving solutions from Future Automation

A hidden drinks cabinet and a two-way programmable electric wall mount for flat screen displays are just two of the new products on the Future Automation stand.

The company specialises in flat screen mounting systems and high-tech ways of hiding projectors and televisions, such as moving panel mechanisms.

Its new PSE180 mount has been designed as the perfect two-way electric mount for screens of up to 50in. It can turn a TV 90° in both directions allowing it to be viewed from opposite ends of a room.

The new hidden drinks cabinet is a natural progression from its lifting TV units and can hold up to six bottles of any description – bespoke designs are available for customers who need more.

The system raises the bottles from a concealed position within a bar or worktop, making it a more entertaining way of entertaining.

Stand: 4R70

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