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Mode-AL unveils new tilt mount

David Davies 31 January 2011
Mode-AL unveils new tilt mount

The Goniometric Tilt Mount (MA-OEM-66) was designed with the aim of mounting anything from a 24” to an 82” screen with exactly the same type of system. The mount will be offered across the Mode-AL range, including plasma standards and integrated furniture solutions, with three variants.

Portrait, Landscape and Vesa (for smaller Vesa-compliant screens 200×200 and below) are the three variants in question. The specifier should select the variant required and advise the screen make and model so Mode-AL can preconfigure the mount prior to dispatch.

Designed for professional installers, the MA-OEM-66 mounts feature improvements that are said to amount to ‘vastly simplified’ ordering and ‘substantial reductions’ in installation and set-up times.

The new mount’s main features include a lockable tilt, which means that with the turn of a hex key, the tilt angle can be locked off. Positional stud mounts allow a secure fixing onto studs at the same time as providing full flexibility in positioning the screen, while a five-degree backward tilt allows easy access for screen connections and the ability to secure the screen mounts to the wall beam.

Meanwhile, an optional Security Fastener kit provides a set of screws that replace the standard screws offering Pin Hex and Pin Hex Driver to deter casual theft of the screen.

Multiple accessories include CPU, media player and wireless receiver holders that fit behind the screen. There are also custom-mounting solutions for multiple screens.

Stand: 11D44

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