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Mobile City Guides from I amsterdam

Jo Ruddock 4 January 2012
Mobile City Guides from I amsterdam

Visit Amsterdam and leave your heavy guidebook at home! You’ll find all the essential information on ISE’s unique host city in the handy I amsterdam Mobile City Guides.

The full version of the I amsterdam City Guide is a complete interactive travel guide, while the lighter To Go version gives you the most important highlights. Both apps are available completely free of charge so be sure to download them before you visit ISE 2012!
At the moment, these apps are available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Download  the full I amsterdam City Guide app at the iTunes Appstore. (Please note: due to the file size you will need a fixed or WiFi internet connection to download the app successfully.)

No WiFi? No problem! The lighter To Go app downloads quickly, even over 3G. Download  the I amsterdam TO GO app through iTunes.

For Android phones or any other connected devices, go straight to the I amsterdam mobile website for the top city highlights, practical information and essential tips. Visit the mobile website at

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