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MMD and AOpen combine for digital signage solution

Ian McMurray 4 February 2011
MMD and AOpen combine for digital signage solution

AOpen Computer BV Europe and MMD, the company behind Philips-branded public signage solutions, have announced the  bundling of an AOpen Digital Engine alongside one of Philips Public Signage displays equipped with the space-saving Smart Insert. According to the companies, the exciting hardware combination offers customers a complete tested and certified digital signage platform, providing them with a reliable and open hardware solution. 

“MMD is a strong multimedia display vendor and therefore a good choice to bundle our forces with,” said James Hua, general manager of AOpen Computer BV Europe. “We will offer a bundled package, which makes it easy for our customers to install a digital signage hardware platform that is tested and certified, allowing for a reliable and cost efficient solution.”

In early 2010, AOpen and MMD announced the Philips Smart Insert mounting solution to attach a media player to the display. This, say the companies, means that if one of the products needs a replacement, the customer only needs to replace one item, thus lowering the total cost of ownership. Other benefits are said to includ: providing an optimal fit on the wall, maximum flexibility, easy upgrades, tidy cable management, green solution, and hardware operability tested and certified.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with AOpen with these bundled packages,” said Wilfred De Man, director, sales & marketing EMEA for MMD. “This is another sign that the Smart Insert solution offers ultimate flexibility for system integrators and solution providers, as opposed to all-in-one digital signage devices.”

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