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Minicom Digital Signage unveils new video wall

test 22 December 2009

Designed for the in-store market, the DS Vision Wall is an ultra-high definition display wall solution for digital signage applications. "Outstanding" specification and dynamic control are among the cited benefits of the new solution, which can drive up to nine displays in their native HD resolution – in any shape and configuration.

The new solution comes with bezel compensation and will run with any vendor display. It also supports most of the common multimedia file formats.

Integrating audio and video for unparalleled clarity and impact, the DS Vision Wall supports three, four, six or nine digital signage screens of any size in any matrix. It can be used for video, advertising and audio purposes with additional customisation tools including Flash animation overlays, RSS feeds and crawls.

Available in three ready-to-go configurations (supporting three, six or nine screens of any size), DS Vision Wall is said to provide "the freedom to design any matrix combination for maximum effect".

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