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Meyer Sound’s CAL delivering ‘remarkable intelligibility’

Paddy Baker 4 February 2013
Meyer Sound’s CAL delivering ‘remarkable intelligibility’

The new CAL column array loudspeaker is claimed to provide precise coverage control and exceptional speech clarity while minimising unwanted reflections. Using beam steering means it can deliver ‘remarkable intelligibility’ for audiences in a stadium or other acoustically challenging environment.

Meyer Sound’s CAL demo at ISE was controlled using an iPad and driven by the D-Mitri digital platform on an AVB (audio video bridging) network (the new non-proprietary networking standard for low-latency audio and video data transport).

Also new from the US manufacturer is Galileo Callisto, a new signal processing and loudspeaker management system designed to make precision array calibration much faster and easier. New features include: a U-Shaping filter that provides a sculpting tool for adjusting the gain, width, and slope; delay integration that offers a quick alignment tool to ensure a coherent summation when combining different loudspeaker elements; and simultaneous application of high- and low-pass filters in the output processing.

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