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MediaMatrix solution for Barcelona T1

David Davies 9 November 2010
MediaMatrix solution for Barcelona T1

The much-publicised Terminal One building that was recently opened at Barcelona Airport features a PA system incorporating equipment from Peavey MediaMatrix and Crest Audio.

Airport operator Aena enlisted Lexon SA to design, supply and install the entire PA and digital audio control system. The resulting specification is based on a MediaMatrix system and a total of 314 Crest CKi power amplifiers, each equipped with a CobraNet module that  enables interconnectivity between each amplifier and the nucleus of the PA system network, the MediaMatrix MM-980 Mainframe.

The MediaMatrix MM-900nt Series is a software-based, integrated sound system design, control and management system that requires only microphones and their preamps, power amplifiers and speakers to provide a complete and working system.  It is based on an open architecture that utilises a modular computer mainframe which, fully loaded, can provide all the necessary signal processing for up to 256 audio inputs and 256 audio outputs.

At T1 Barcelona, the MediaMatrix installation comprises:  8 x Mainframe MM980nt with dual, removable, mirrored redundant hard drives; 39 x CAB-8i 8-in, digitally controlled mic/line preamp, analogue-to-Digital CobraNet audio bridges (CAB); 8 x CAB-8o 8-out, digital-to-analogue CobraNet audio bridges(CAB); and 26 x MM-DSP-CNII  Digital Processing Units for processing audio ported to or from a CobraNet network (via the CAB CobraNet audio bridges).

In addition to the audio distribution system, Lexon’s engineering department also handled the acoustic design of the building, employing the EASE acoustic modelling package to determine the number, model and positioning of the loudspeakers. Based on these findings, Lexon provided the engineering firm Sampol with the necessary speaker enclosures and microphones along with the 314 Crest Audio CKi amplifiers (equipped with NX CobraNet modules) to complete the installation.

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