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Matrix Group gathers momentum

David Davies 15 February 2011
Matrix Group gathers momentum

Three major players in the Danish pro-audio and entertainment industry have signed up to the Matrix Group, whose CEO is Lars Bo Baadsgaard (pictured).

The primary intention of the group is to become an ‘attractive partner’ for the sale, installation and distribution of professional products. Companies will continue to act independently in the market as before, but will also benefit collectively from joint administration and other resources.

Matrix Group companies will also ‘upgrade’ their ‘visibility’ towards their existing customer and dealer networks.

“Our organisation is up and running and we are proud to announce that the companies Moto Audio Sales, Nordic Sales & Staging and Signal Audio [are] part of the Matrix Group. With this we have a dynamic company with lots of experience, a complete set-up of attractive products that we distribute and soon we [will] have more interesting new product lines to tell [people] about. Furthermore we will have a complete team that today serves a lot of the dealers and customers, and together we [will] have one of the strongest networks in our industry. For me personally this is a dream come true, and I am looking forward to introducing the Matrix Group Company to the
market segment and expanding it,” said Matrix Group CEO Lars Bo Baadsgaard.

Fixed installation and turnkey solutions look set to be key areas of opportunity for the new operation, as implied by Moto Audio Sales owner Erik Falck: “If you look back on the installations that Moto Audio Sales and Nordic Sales & Staging have been involved [with] in the last five years, you can see that individually we have been doing some very attractive installations that have had a lot of attention from our industry. Just look at the Danish Opera House and the concert hall at DR Byen, to mention a few. So with the new operation we will supply each other with all our knowledge about installations and [will be able to] offer the industry a team and taskforce that it cannot get from another supplier.”

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