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MartinLogan electrostatic speaker comes to the UK

David Davies 12 August 2011
MartinLogan electrostatic speaker comes to the UK

UK audio importer Absolute Sounds has announced the introduction of MartinLogan’s latest creation, the ElectroMotion ESL (EM-ESL).

Combining a 34-inch tall curvilinear XStat electrostatic transducer and an integrated high-performance eight-inch woofer, the EM-ESL is a high-performance hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker that is said to be equally adept with stereo music and multi-channel movies.

The EM-ESL was awarded Design & Engineering Showcase Honours at the CES show when previewed earlier this year.

The new ElectroMotion Series also includes matching centre and surround speakers for home cinema use, incorporating compact Folded Motion thin film transducer technologies.

To view a short video about MartinLogan’s ElectroMotion Series, click here

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