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Martin LED lighting enhances Singapore exhibition centre

Paddy Baker 13 May 2014
Martin LED lighting enhances Singapore exhibition centre

Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre recently installed an advanced LED lighting solution on its fourth level as part of a major renovation.

Located in the central business district of Singapore, Suntec Singapore is the country’s leading venue for meetings, trade shows, lectures and other events. A different lighting solution was originally envisaged; however, when Bo Steiber Lighting Design introduced Suntec Singapore to Harman’s Martin Professional VC-Dot 1, the project took a different, positive turn.

The venue takes pride in being an industry pioneer by using cutting-edge technology to improve business and minimise the carbon footprint, both for itself and its clients. For the level 4 modernisation, Suntec Singapore sought to change the way attendees interacted with the environment and to alter their perception of events and venues. “To us, there was one particularly relevant question to bear in mind: How can we design a space flexible enough to host an exhibition today, a wedding banquet tomorrow and a conference the next day,” explained Arun Madhok, CEO, Suntec Singapore.

The renovation incorporated the venue’s ceiling into the design, to allow for Suntec Singapore to quickly alter an event space or set the mood of an event. The new design is centrally programmed and controlled, eliminating the need for staff to climb the ceiling to make adjustments. As a result, Suntec Singapore is now a more flexible, marketable and efficient event space.

As part of the innovative ceiling design, Martin’s LED VC-Dot 1’s allows Suntec Singapore to offer its clients unprecedented flexibility for a single space as customers can now differentiate themselves by adding logos, messaging and graphics to their event.

Summarising the importance of the new design, Madhok stated: “Our new system costs less to operate than our previous system. We save costs on power and cooling as well as the drastic decrease in breakdowns and necessary repairs. The installation is one of our key selling points and has definitely strengthened our brand as a venue. Saying that, we have to expect our competitors to catch up, and therefore we have to constantly renew ourselves and keep up to speed with new products and possibilities. For this, a close working relationship with Martin Professional Asia & Pacific is crucial.”

Suntec Singapore is no stranger to using visual technology to make bold statements: the venue is also home to  the world’s largest HD videowall.

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