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Martin launches JEM Hazer Pro

Paddy Baker 22 September 2014
Martin launches JEM Hazer Pro

Harman’s Martin Professional has introduced the JEM Hazer Pro for advanced atmospheric haze effects. The company claims that with this introduction, it offers the most complete range of efficient, reliable and compact professional hazers in the industry.

The JEM Hazer Pro includes advanced pump technology, 2.5 litres of fluid capacity that provides 10 hours of operation on full output, a user-friendly on-board control panel with preset functionality, and a host of additional new features.

Lightweight and compact, the new model is targeted at theatres, cruise ships, bars, clubs, theme parks and medium to large shows. An innovative high-quality air pump system ensures the small-particle haze disperses evenly and continuously with superior optical clarity and reflectivity, suitable for today’s highly defined light beams.

The JEM Hazer Pro features a short warm-up time and a low noise output (described as ‘unprecedented’), and, using C+ Haze Fluid, can produce exceptionally fine atmospheric haze in a short period of time. The hazer also comes standard with an on-board DMX 3-pin and 5-pin connection, a sealed fluid system for easy transportation, and is plug-and-play capable with programmable fast-access keys.

Compared with the earlier JEM K1 Hazer model, the JEM Hazer Pro is 45% smaller and 30% (6.5kg) lighter, but offers 110% higher output.

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