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Martin judged to be right for ADJD

Ian McMurray 18 May 2011
Martin judged to be right for ADJD

Martin Professional‘s Exterior 400 Range of outdoor LED wash lights has been used to dynamically light the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) building in UAE in a flood of decorative coloured light.

Installed around the perimeter of the building on 1.8m high decorative poles are Exterior 400 and Exterior 410 lighting fixtures as well as Martin Exterior 200 luminaires. The Exterior 400 Range is described by Martin as a powerful yet energy-efficient line of LED light fixtures for coloured or white light projection.

The main decision maker behind the lighting concept is ADJD architect Aziz Meleka who specified the Exterior 400 Range after viewing a demo by Martin Professional Middle East.

The project was then forwarded to the contractor, B.J. Lighting, a Martin Professional dealer in Abu Dhabi, who also handled local lighting supply and installation. B.J. Lighting worked closely with Martin Professional Middle East throughout the project.

The facade lighting for the building consists of three parts – dome, curved wall and entrance wall – with various colour changes and scenarios enhancing the architecture and transforming the space into a decorative jewel of night-time Abu Dhabi.

The Exterior 400 line of outdoor wash lights consists of two powerful RGBW colour mixing fixtures (separate colour pixels or pre-mixed), one white light fixture with a wide colour temperature range, and a single colour variant. With very low power consumption (max 139 W), the Exterior 400 Range is also energy-efficient. All fixtures include colour calibration ensuring uniformity, a super rugged IP65 housing, and internal power and control.

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