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Mars gig for grandMA

Ian McMurray 1 July 2011
Mars gig for grandMA

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Bruno Mars is taking grandMA2 on the road for his international tour – which takes in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Istanbul and Birmingham – in support of his debut album, “Doo-Wops & Hooligans.”

According to lighting designer/programmer/operator Cory FitzGerald, almost two trucks full of lights are accompanying Mars, who is known as one of today’s most versatile pop singers.

“We have two grandMA2 full-size running the latest version software – the first time we’ve taken the grandMA2 on tour,” said Fitzgerald. “We’re using overhead and double-hung diagonal trusses and have a pretty well-rounded lighting inventory.”

“I’ve been working with A.C.T. to tweak it and get it perfect,” he continued. “It’s been a good process – grandMA2 is different from grandMA, and I’m very pleased with it and like where it’s going. The macros make things go much faster, I have three times as many playbacks for more flexibility per song or per page, and the console layout is great.” A.C.T Lighting is the distributor of MA Lighting in North America

The grandMA2 controls, amongst others, 20 Clay Paky Sharpy, two Hippos, double-stacked Barco projectors and a large LED wall. Nocturne is the video equipment vendor.

FitzGerald, who also did the production design for the tour’s set and screens, reports “no issues” with the grandMA2. In fact, he’s thinking about how to fine-tune the system to further meet his needs. “I’ve been very active in giving ideas for future macros to A.C.T., and they’ve been very receptive,” he said.

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