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Marl transforms sports hall at top school with LED lighting

Andrew Brister 19 February 2013
Marl transforms sports hall at top school with LED lighting

Marl International has transformed the sports hall at Abbey Gate College, a prestigious independent school in Cheshire, by installing LED fixtures that have dramatically improved the quality of lighting in the hall. Marl replaced 16 SON 250W sodium lamps with 32 LED floodlights, each being 145W 774-series Bay Range. Following the installation, light levels across the hall improved considerably and are much more even. Measured brightness was around 200 lux at 1m from the wall with the old lighting, and is now about 350 lux – a 75% improvement. In the centre of the hall light levels have gone up by just over 20% from 350 lux to 450 lux. Commenting on the installation of LED lighting, Abbey Gate College’s business manager Andrew Bache said: “The real appeal of Marl LED lights for us is the convenience and improvement in the environment. Though the previous sodium lights were adequate for football and gymnastics, the hall is also used for examinations and social events.  We were able to dramatically increase the light level in the hall, ensuring the corners as well as the central area is brightly lit. The LED lights are much whiter and very much more even, since the output of the sodium lamps degrades noticeably as they age.” Karl Brooks, strategic account manager at Marl who managed the installation said: “With the new lighting, the darkest areas of the hall are as brightly lit as the centre was previously, and the centre is even brighter. There is also now relatively little difference between the edges and the centre.” In addition to improving the appearance, the new lights offered cost savings in several areas, as Bache explained: “The sodium lights took about 20 minutes to warm up, so were normally left on all day. Now we can just switch them on when we arrive and off when we leave.”

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