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Marcel Gonska, Founder, White Light Consultations

Jo Ruddock 4 January 2012
Marcel Gonska, Founder, White Light Consultations

Teacher of the CEDIA class ‘Delivering 3D’ on Thursday 2 February, Marcel Gonska will bring delegates up-to-date on the latest hardware and software so that they are better able to answer clients’ questions and create the best 3D cinema installations in people’s homes. Gonska is the founder of German-based White Light Consultations (WLC), which aims to convince consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers that the production of AV products that reproduce first-class picture and sound will automatically promote the preservation of the art of motion pictures. Gonska works closely with engineers, sales representatives and business owners, product managers and trainers whose systems have been optimized and improved by the influence of WLC. Among the topics covered by Gonska’s class will be an overview of the various 3D formats and where they are heading; the types of 3D glasses available and whether they are necessary at all; design considerations for making the typical home theatre or media room suitable for 3D; and some answers to the perennial question – what can we watch in 3D, anyway? Click here for an overview of CEDIA’s education courses at ISE 2012 and to book Marcel’s session online.   

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