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Marantz hails new ‘one-box wonder’

David Davies 29 November 2010
Marantz hails new ‘one-box wonder’

The remote-controlled Melody Movie incorporates a high-quality Blu-ray player as well as direct digital iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone replay. Priced at £799.90, the new Marantz launch sports a compact footprint, chic aluminium cabinet and shiny black top. Billed as a high performance movie and music system, the Melody Movie offers a specification including: a high-quality Blu-ray player with BD-Live capability for HD images, DVD upscaling to 1080p HD resolution, and audiophile-level CD playback; direct digital iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone replay via high quality onboard DACs; an FM/AM tuner; and, via the optional RX101 device, Bluetooth connectivity. Power is provided by a 140W Class D digital amplifier. The standard set-up of stereo speakers can be complemented via the option to add a subwoofer.

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