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Marantz at the movies

David Davies 15 February 2011
Marantz at the movies

The manufacturer has introduced no fewer than five new products aimed at the ever-expanding home cinema market.

The common theme to the quintet, says Marantz, is an emphasis on delivering ‘faithful and emotive music’.

The UD5005 (pictured) and UD7006 universal Blu-ray players offer a specification including 3D support from Blu-ray discs, audio/video network streaming and DivX Plus HD playback. There is compatibility with SACD, DVD-Audio, CD and Blu-ray, while the UD7006 features Anchor Bay ABT 2015 10-bit video processing, an internal decoder for HD Audio formats, and a 7.1 channel audio output stage. Both devices support DLNA 1.5 for audio and video network streaming.

The third product in the new line-up, the NR1601, is a slimline 7.1 channel amplifier. Rated at 7 x 50 watts, the NR1601 is four-in/one-out HDMI 1.4a equipped, making it ready for 3D signals. The specification also includes a USB input with an iPod/iPhone digital interface, Audyssey auto set-up, and a learning remote.

Rounding out the range are the SR5005 and SR6005 AV receivers. Providing power of 7 x 100 watts and 7 x 110 watts respectively, the receivers feature a newly-designed power supply and output stage intended to immediately deliver higher current values to follow each shift in the sound. Video source optimisation is enabled by ABT1030 (SR5005) and ABT2015 upscaling (SR6005), with the ability to up-convert an incoming video signal to 1080p HD resolution. The multiple HDMI 1.4 inputs (four in the SR5005 and six in the SR6005 can handle 3D as well.

Other features include front USB connection for iPod and iPhone devices; Marantz’s MDAX2 system for improved sound quality from compressed digital music files; and an M-XPort for the option of wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

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