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Ex-Or makes light work with LightSpot HD

Andrew Brister 22 October 2014
Ex-Or makes light work with LightSpot HD

Ex-Or has launched LightSpot HD, a range of PIR sensors that uses innovative new features to make light work for energy efficiency, comfort, productivity and ease of use all backed by Ex-Or quality and a five-year warranty.

“Energy costs are rising rapidly and the inclusion of lighting controls in any building translates into significant savings on energy bills. Our high performance lighting controls deliver reductions of up to 70 per cent in energy use”, said Jason Ng, marketing communications specialist at Ex-Or. “We understand the changing requirements for lighting controls across a broad range of applications and this knowledge enables us to deliver optimum energy savings without compromising quality, comfort and performance.”

LightSpot HD sensors provide class-leading sensitivity with macro and micro detection, ensuring that lights deliver optimal luminance when required and switch off when they are not being used, making light work of comfort and productivity. Users can also set the light level by lux value, optimising natural daylight without compromising comfort.

The LightSpot HD sensors, enhanced with both spring clip and locking ring fixing options, are fitted with pluggable, colour coded connectors, making the installation process easy and eliminating errors. The sensors provide flexibility and ease of use through the inclusion of QuickLink, a unique intelligent solution that lets installers create a simple small network of up to four sensors. Additionally, the sensor includes tilting lenses and precision lens masks which allow the sensing zone to be created exactly where it is required and adapted accordingly.

LightSpot HD sensors provide comfort and safety for a productive working environment and drive significant energy efficiencies. All sensors feature built in photocells which regulate to user defined lux levels to ensure a constant light level is maintained throughout the workday.

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