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Magenta’s Multiview II sends signals further

test 16 December 2011
Magenta’s Multiview II sends signals further

Signal distribution specialist Magenta Research has launched an updated version of its venerable MultiView line, which has served for more than a decade as an adaptable distribution system for pro-AV signals over UTP cable. The new MultiView II can replicate 1080p (and higher) resolution video at up to 610m.

Where previous MultiView products required internal jumper repositioning to change configurations, MultiView II introduces a totally revamped, all external configuration scheme with easy-to-use buttons and status LEDs. It also offers: improved EDID and DDC modes of operation; full sync control; fourth-pair configuration options (for aux data such as serial and audio); streamlined connector locations for more intuitive rack mounting; and it is fully backwards compatible with previous MultiView equipment.

The new MultiView II products on display include the MultiView II DVI, T4, STx and XRTx transmitters, plus MultiView II AK600 and AK1200 receivers.
Also new are additions to Magenta’s Voyager products, which extend, switch and distribute video and auxiliary signals over fibre-optic cable. Voyager’s Compact Format (CF) line includes the CF-18, a rack-mountable chassis designed to pack 18 Voyager CF transmitters densely into a space-saving 4U enclosure. It eliminates the need for separate power supplies and dramatically reduces installation time.
The new, stand-alone Voyager CF products are much smaller than the existing, modular Voyager transmitters and receivers, at only 2.5cm high, and come with built-in mounting ears for fitting behind a display or under a desk.
A Voyager four-port transmitter increases users’ signal distribution options and expands Voyager matrix switch sizes to 640 total ports, which Voyager Flex I/O technology allows to be inputs or outputs. When combined with the ability to daisy-chain Voyager receivers, the transmitter greatly increases Voyager’s signal distribution options.


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