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Lutron saves lighting costs

Andy Stout 1 February 2010
Lutron saves lighting costs

Lutron Electronics is showcasing its new light management solution, Quantum, designed to reduce the lighting costs of commercial buildings by up to 60%.

Quantum is designed to minimise the energy consumption and use of electric light within commercial buildings, not to mention reduce costs by up to 60%.

“With lighting accounting for up to 33% of total electricity consumption in commercial buildings, Quantum provides an opportunity for facilities managers and building owners to reduce both energy consumption and operating costs,” said a company statement.

“In addition, the use of highly efficient dimming allows users to even dim fluorescent lights down to 1% of full light output.”

Quantum is fully scalable and can control light levels and usage across multiple floors, whole buildings and even entire campuses throughout corporate, industrial and public sector facilities.

It consists of a range of products from the Lutron energy suite – including solar adaptive shading, wireless sensors, and monitoring and logging software – that allow users to basically configure, control and monitor all electric and daylight within a building to save money and energy.

The company is also keen to point out that employee productivity shoots up by between 5 to 10% when people are working in their preferred light levels.

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