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Lutron launches ‘ultimate’ in light control management

test 7 December 2009

Quantum, it is said, can minimise energy consumption and electric light usage within commercial buildings, and reduce costs by up to 60%. Lutron says that the incorporation of highly efficient dimming allows users to dim fluorescent lights down to 1% of full light output.

Fully scalable, Quantum comprises a range of products from Lutron’s ‘energy suite’ that allow users to configure, control and monitor all electric and daylight within a building. These include: Hyperion solar adaptive shading, which automatically adjusts and repositions Lutron Sivoia QS window shades based on the sun’s position throughout the day; the new Radio Powr Savr and Rania Wireless RF Switch for automatic extinguishing of lights when a space is unoccupied; GRAFIK Eye QS, a preset light and shade control system now available with wireless technology; Energi Savr Node QS, which controls light by connecting occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and wallstations to DALI ballasts; and Green Glance, a display software package which provides real-time and historic reporting on energy savings within a building.

According to Lutron, Quantum can also help to increase employee productivity, with research indicating that people are 5-10% more productive when working in their preferred light level.

Andrew Bechgaard, head of marketing EMEA at Lutron, commented: “Quantum is the ultimate in light control management. This system not only improves comfort and productivity within a commercial environment, but also saves energy. With the versatility to control such a variety of elements, every commercial installation should look to take advantage of the benefits afforded by this product.”

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