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Lumascape uplighters illuminate Hyde Park

Ian McMurray 10 August 2010

Light Projects has supplied 18 Lumascape inground 343 uplighters for a refurbishment scheme on the lighting of the Queen Elizabeth Gates in Hyde Park, London as designed and specified by Light + Design Associates.

These were supplied with both 35w and 70w CDM-T lamps using Lumascape’s "PureOptics" Dichroic reflector system, which range from 10° to 60° for precise illumination. In addition, different refractors, tilt lenses and prismatic lenses were used to create exact effects and to obtain varying light distribution patterns to bring the gates to life.

Lumascape 343 uplighters carry a 10-year mechanical guarantee and are, according to Light Projects, specifically designed for this kind of challenging and high performance application. Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel and with an IP68 rating, they come complete with an integral wicking barrier and can house different light sources from 35w to 70w CDM-T lamps, TC-TEL compact fluorescent and also other mains and low voltage lamps. The PureOptic Dichroic reflectors greatly improve the light output ratio (LOR) meaning that lower wattage lamps could be used – for example, the original 150w units being replaced with 70w lamps and the 70w units being replaced by 35w lamps.

A range of accessories can be easily fitted into the 343 including prismatic lenses, dichroic colours, louvres and cowls. HumanTouch filters are also available which transmit heat downwards and out through the side of the fitting thereby ensuring that the surface temperature remains safe.

Lumascape is exclusively available in the UK from the Light Projects Group.

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