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Looking to Improve the Showfloor Theatres

Paddy Baker 5 February 2015
Looking to Improve the Showfloor Theatres

The three eye-catching Showfloor Theatres at ISE 2015 have been designed by ISE partner and event production and AV rental company Improve.

As with 2014, Improve has used the space for the Residential (Hall 7), Commercial (Hall 8) and Unified Communications (Hall 9) Solutions Theatres to create an environment that will seek to inspire attendees as well as offering them a comfortable place to sit to listen to one of the 90 presentations that will take place there during the exhibition.

Improve has a dedicated team of designers and technicians that work with clients to bring together state-of-the-art creative AV displays to help them deliver complex information in a compelling manner.

Improve owner Antoinette Wijfells commented: “ISE has asked me to design something that is thrilling, enchanting, inspiring and communicative,” she said. “Too often what is missing from business gatherings is a sense of the natural world. I like to show people that technology is just a tool to help us achieve what we want as humans on the planet.”

Each of the Showfloor Theatres has a different theme. For the Residential Solutions Theatre the design shows what people can do in their home; for the Commercial Solutions Theatre a broad spectrum of AV products and electronic integrated systems are shown; in the Unified Communications Theatre numerous interconnected screens are utilised.

Improve and ISE would like to thank the following companies for assisting in the creation of the Showfloor Theatres:
• Residential Solutions Theatre: Alcons; Audio-Technica; Vutec; Barco; Lang; Pakedge; Improve.
• Commercial Solutions Theatre: Microsoft; Improve; d&b audiotechnik; Screenworks; Audio-Technica; Lang; Barco; Pakedge; Avolites.
• Unified Communications Theatre: Audio-Technica; d&b audiotechnik; Lang; Barco; Pakedge; Improve.

Improve: Stand 8-L395

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