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Long distance HDMI with Rainbow Fish

David Davies 6 July 2011
Long distance HDMI with Rainbow Fish

The company – which pioneered Fiber Optic for HDMI – has announced the availability of products supporting HDMI connections up to 1000 feet between HD sources and displays.

Using proprietary research and development to perfect optical transfer of the complete HDMI specification via a multi-mode fiber optical array, the Rainbow Fish Fiber Optic HDMI cable is said to address common problems associated with medium- to long-distance HDMI connections.

As well as negating the space and complexity issues associated with copper HDMI cables and CAT5/coaxial balun systems, respectively, Rainbow Fish Fiber Optic HDMI offers full support of HDMI High Speed and 3DTV with 16Gbps bandwidth.

The sleek fiber optic cable assembly connecting the ‘send’ and ‘receive’ HDMI connectors is rated for in-wall installation, while its small diameter enables easy placement in a component rack or room.

Rainbow Fish Fiber Optic HDMI cable may be coiled to keep excess cable neat in the home; it may also be placed conveniently in a briefcase or backpack for travel.

Buzz Delano of Rainbow Fish Fiber Optic told IE Residential: “Rainbow Fish Fiber Optic HDMI will provide AV dealers with a fully lossless HDMI connection for long distances typically needed for room-to-room connectivity between source components, HDMI switchers and high resolution displays. It requires no extenders, baluns or further accessories to support HDMI High Speed between all devices.”

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