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Loewe seeking CI partners

David Davies 6 January 2011
Loewe seeking CI partners

In addition to Loewe UK’s existing levels of display-based partnership, the LCD TV manufacturer is introducing ‘Custom Installer Indirect’ accreditation.

The company already offers full Custom Installer, Partner, Partner Plus and Galerie status, but is now offering a new form of accreditation as part of a recruitment drive for CI partners throughout the UK.

Company plans call for the company to expand its custom installer network from 40 to 70 partners by the end of 2011.

In order to maximise its appeal with those targeting the premium end of the market, the new Custom Installer Indirect status will incorporate: guaranteed attractive margin; no requirement to take stock; brand induction and installation training around working with the Loewe range; partnership with a Loewe Galerie for product ordering.

As a result of the new accreditation, custom installers will have the chance to work with a product range that is said to be increasingly well-suited to CI needs and requirements, with features including RS232 connectivity and multiple home networking facilities.

Marc Nikolai (pictured), MD of Loewe UK, told IE Residential: "In the UK we want to focus more on installers. They are a key client group for us and we feel we can deliver a very strong brand and product offering. We currently have approximately 50 installers using the Loewe brand and we’d really like to see that number increase to 100 over the next year. We only want to work with installers that really understand the brand, so early in 2011 we will introduce a training programme that will explain the products and the brand values that Loewe can offer installers. On completion of the course, installers will have full access to one of the best install offerings around, fully B2B protected.”

Custom installers interested in being part of Loewe’s Custom Installer Indirect programme should call 01294 315 000 or e-mail

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