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Loewe introduces a “true all-rounder”

test 25 March 2010

The Mediacenter plays CDs and DVDs, receives radio via a myriad of sources, and offers access to digital music files on hard drives, personal players or a user’s network. Enclosed in a minimalistic housing of brushed aluminium and glass, the Mediacenter also enables control of the external Blu-ray player.

The Mediacenter is connected directly to the TV set and uses the TV screen to display all music sources on an intuitive, clear interface. The cover art of the user’s personal music or DVD collection is displayed in high definition by means of automatic update via the internet. All audio sources can also be streamed to secondary rooms, where the Mediacenter can be operated by means of the Loewe Assist Media remote control.

The Mediacenter can be used with any TV that has an HDMI connection, and is therefore not only restricted to the Loewe system range. Compatible products from other suppliers can also be used in secondary rooms.

Two of the three available versions – Loewe Reference Mediacenter and Individual Mediacenter DR+ – allow songs to be saved centrally on two integrated hard disks totalling 320GB. Music files can also be copied from a PC onto the Mediacenter hard disk via the network. All data is backed up on the second integrated hard disk (160GB).

Available now from specialist dealers, the Mediacenter has a slim profile of 74mm, including the (supplied) wall mount. A table stand or floor stand is available on request.

Kevin Kelly, managing director of Loewe UK, told IE Residential: “We are expecting great success with our new Loewe Mediacenter as our customers are increasingly accessing their entertainment in less traditional ways at home. The Mediacenter creates unlimited possibilities for extending music playback over a number of areas within a residential environment. Loewe’s custom installed entertainment solutions are an ideal addition to an existing system within the home, allowing a premium audiovisual experience.”

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