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Listen Technologies adds IR version to iDSP range

Jo Ruddock 10 February 2015
Listen Technologies adds IR version to iDSP range

Assistive listening products company Listen Technologies has expanded its iDSP (Intelligent Digital Signal Processing) offering with a new IR version, joining the previously introduced iDSP RF 72 MHz receivers.

In creating the iDSP solutions, Listen Technologies says that it considered all aspects of how the product would be used, focusing on the user experience and ease of dispensing, inventory management and battery management at the venue — all based on input from consultants, system integrators, venue owners and end users. The result is claimed to be a significantly improved listening experience, including an integrated neck loop/lanyard; streamlined dispensing, collecting and care; and environmentally friendly advanced battery technology in the smallest, lightest device of its kind.

The iDSP IR receiver features 20dB less hiss than comparable products. The integrated neck loop improves the experience for people who have hearing aids and cochlear implants with telecoils. iDSP IR receivers are claimed to be the smallest of their kind, making them easier for venues to store, charge and distribute; it also makes it easier for end users to wear and operate. Additionally, iDSP IR receivers use the same battery technology as a smartphone, eliminating the cost and hassle of traditional AA alkaline batteries.

Stand: 3-C89

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