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Link adds Dante support

Andy Stout 3 February 2011
Link adds Dante support

Italian manufacturer Link Srl is displaying its Dante networking technology-enabled DGlink Stage Box for the first time at ISE. Visitors to the company’s stand can see DGlink operating on a Dante network with a Yamaha M7CL-48ES console and a Lab.gruppen PLM amplifier.

Developed by Audinate, Dante provides a self-configuring, plug-and-play digital audio/video network over standard IP.

As a result of this addition, DGLink now offers a specification including: simultaneous support of Dante and Ethersound digital protocols; 128 channels of audio (64 in, 64 out); 8-channel modular high quality AD and DA converters; 19” standard rack mounting for installed and touring applications; and an optional fibre module as well as the standard RJ45 connectors.

“The addition of Dante significantly enhances the audio transport capabilities of our digital stagebox system while making it more flexible. And we’ve come to recognise the many benefits Dante has to offer the marketplace,” said Marco Piromalli, president of Link.

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